Audio Resources

1. How to Meditate

If you prefer listening to reading…
Click  HERE >> for a practical primer on how to practice Centering Prayer.


2. Background: Cataphatic and Apophatic Spirituality

We don’t use the words “apophatic” or “cataphatic” in everyday usage. For spirituality, however, they are two very important words.

The word “cataphatic” speaks to the human capacity to frame God in our minds, to think thoughts about God, to articulate words about God, to approach God in a cerebral way. Much of our religious tradition focuses on approaching God this way.

Apophatic” spirituality, on the other hand, insists that as wonderful as words and thoughts are, they are simply insufficient to gain a full experience of the Divine. Some part of us must function beyond the mind, beyond thoughts, feelings, and words. This is the realm of contemplative, or meditative spirituality.

Doug Hammack, who does most of our podcasts, did a foundational lesson on the importance of adding apophatic spirituality into our lives, the importance of meditative, contemplative spirituality.

Click HERE >> to listen.


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