Online Resources

1.  Introducing Meditation:  A Notebook of Readings

In 2009, Doug Hammack, who does most of our podcasts, spent a year of Wednesday evenings, introducing NRCC to the history and practice of meditation.  Each week they practiced meditation, and did a mini-reading about contemplative spirituality, accumulating a notebook of readings along the way.

Click HERE >> to access that notebook.


2. An Online Community:  Contemplative Outreach

In the mid-60’s, the Pope assigned one of the Catholic orders, the Trappists, the job of restoring to the Catholic church, the ancient contemplative practices that had fallen into misuse after the Enlightenment.  Their wonderful work over the last many years has restored to Catholics, Protestants, and non-Christians alike, the ancient wisdom of these practices.

Check out their online community HERE >>



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