How it Works

Each spiritual community meets for an hour each week.

  • We check in with each other — share how we experienced God in daily life during the week.
  • We sit in smaller groups to have an informal conversation about a spiritual subject (supported by resources sent out via email each week, including a podcast)
  • We ask after one another’s well-being, ask one another what we’ve been learning, and how the lesson is/isn’t working in our lives
  • We work hard to make our discussion groups safe; no “fixing” each other, no judgment of one another’s flaws or shortcomings…
  • No, our desire is to be a strength and support to one another

We keep the community small (between 15 and 25)…
and our discussion groups smaller still (between 4 and 7)

  • Several in the group take turns hosting each evening together
  • The host starts us on time, welcomes newcomers after meditation, directs us, and makes sure we dismiss on time  (even though many stay and chat after we’re dismissed).
  • When we break into discussion times, we all share the responsibility of making our conversations helpful, spiritual, and safe, and we all share the responsibility of making the community conducive to forming spiritual friendships.
  • Each group figures out on their own how to balance the needs of our children, and our need to meditate in silence.

Spiritual communities can be started by anyone

  • They can meet anywhere.
  • Coffee shops, restaurants, community centers and pubs are great venues.
  • All you need is to be spiritually hungry…
    To want to gather some spiritual friends…
    Be willing to make people feel comfortable
    We’ll help you with the rest.

Let us know if you want to start a spiritual community near you, and we’ll help you get started.



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